What are causes oily skin? Why is my skin oily?

If you have oily skin, you can feel it is oily and shiny only after a few hours after washing it. Many people think that oily skin is caused by overeating chocolate or fats, but this is a big myth in reality!

Your skin is programmed to produce oil. This is how it stays healthy and glowy naturally. Sebaceous glands are under your pores; they are in charge of making a natural oil called sebum. Sometimes though, the sebaceous glands can produce too much oil. This creates oily skin.

But what causes oily skin?

Your genetics.

As always, genetics plays a significant role when it comes to oily skin. If someone in your family has oily skin, you are probably also prone to oily skin.

Where you live.

If you live in a place like Miami, which is always hot and humid, you're more likely to have oily skin. Also, during the summer, your skin tends to produce more oil. Although you can't change the climate, you could adapt your routine if you know you are going to sweat and be exposed to humidity more often.

Your diet.

While you can eat dark chocolate and healthy oils, sugar is your worse enemy. High glycemic foods like white flour, white rice, processed white carbs, white pasta, watermelon, ripe bananas, and other highly sugary foods can trigger an inflammatory response, leading to your sebaceous glands produce extra oil. Skip processed/refined sugars; these are the worse.

Your skincare routine.

Your skincare routine is your tool to avoid oily skin. And what I've found with my hormonal acne journey is that many people and companies will try to sell you on what worked for them. But because I love you, I'm here to tell you that finding your perfect skincare routine is a very personal journey. A dermatologist can help you get started with the proper plan you need if you have no idea where to start. Still, after this, you will need to find what works for YOU, and WHEN it works for you.

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