Hello there! Welcome to Ask Fercci, a space of open and candid discussions where our top goal is finding the truth! My name is Fercci (sounds like Gucci :P), and I'm passionate about female wellness, health, and fitness.

I search for what truly works and, well, what doesn't. I won't believe it until I prove it.

I started suffering from acne in my early twenties. Before then, I never experienced issues with my skin. The acne was beyond frustrating. I thought it would be all gone within a few months. Time passed, and the acne didn't improve. It actually became worse!

I started doing research, drowning in beauty blogs and health journals on the internet, desperately seeking answers...I can't even tell you the number of routines and products I tried that didn't help at all despite the great reviews.

There is A LOT of information out there. And it could also be very misleading! Who do you believe? Who do you trust? Besides the never-ending contradictory information, companies are continually promoting the miracle product that will "change your life."

I became tired of fighting my skin, so I decided to visit a dermatologist. That day, I discovered that a considerable chunk of my knowledge was super wrong! All the masking, exfoliation, and facials I was doing were useless! I left the doctor's office and thought about what other things I might have been doing wrong.

Myths about wellness and health have been passed through our family, friends, and favorite influencers, and although we usually don't question them since the source is pretty reliable, we should start doing some real fact-checking about the things we do to our bodies!

It's time for the truth, and you landed in the right place. Have a question for me? DM me today! @AskFercci

Get ready to dig in deep with me. Let's kick some myth's a$$ and take control of our lives!




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