Tired of Diets? Read This!

Welcome back, girls! Today, we will discuss one of the things that changed my life. Many of you have asked me about my diet, such as which diet I follow, which one I believe is best for losing weight, which one will help sensitive or acne-prone skin, and so on.

To answer your question, I don’t diet, but I used to! I tried so many fad diets like the no-carb diet, low-carb diet, vegan diet, juice cleansing diets, pineapple and tuna diet, etc., but I failed at all of them. I would get hungry, not sleep well, and become cranky. I dropped them, only to be left with feelings of failure and sadness. I thought something was wrong with me. I felt that I didn’t have enough willpower to make it to where I wanted to be, and that is, what I believe, the WORSE part of diets.

After a few eating disorders and lots of low self-esteem, I discovered the key to happy eating! - Eating consciously: I learned what I was putting into my body, what foods I really needed, in what amounts, and how to see my meals as a medium to nourishing my body instead of just calming my hunger. Not only I got to the weight I wanted to be in, but my health improved tremendously!

To talk about this topic, I contacted the author of a wonderful book around nutrition, "Your Tastebuds Are A**holes" - Unique Hammond. Unique is a holistic nutritionist focusing on helping her patients to live a better and healthier life starting from within. We won’t be talking about another diet. We will discuss a lifestyle shift a long, slow process that could take you to places you’ve never imagined! Let’s get started!

What does it mean to eat to calm hunger vs. to eat for nourishment?

Just because your belly is full doesn’t mean your body has received proper nourishment. Eating for health takes a bit of effort at first, especially if you aren’t used to thinking in terms of nourishment vs. what your taste buds desire.

How do we usually pick out meals when we are not eating consciously?

Often what we feel like eating is driven by taste, taste memories aka comfort foods, stress, or favorites foods. Eating for nourishment is eating foods your body needs to function correctly, fight off disease, and maintain radiant health, regardless if you crave them or not.

What does a day of eating for nourishment look like?

Every day your body needs healthy fats-think sea salted nuts, salmon, grass-fed beef, hemp hearts, etc. Your body also needs healthy proteins, albeit vegan or animal. Usually, we need protein with every meal. If you are vegan, you might need to double up your amount. You need fiber. Think legumes, veggies, etc. You need about 6-8 servings a day of veggies. You can def do less, but if the name of the game is health, aging well and feeling great, eat them vegetables!

What three basic tips you can give us to start making this lifestyle change?

1- Don’t trust a craving. It often begins as a thought in your mind. Unless, of course, you’re craving legumes and veggies (LOL).

2- Eat veggies with every meal. Yep, we need about 6-8 servings per day. Snacking on vegetables is a great way to add in more of what your body needs. Consider cutting up a bunch of carrots and or red peppers for a snack. It’s also a great way to maintain your healthy weight.

3- Craving sugar? Eat healthy fat instead! Healthy fats feed your cells and curb sugar cravings. If you’re still craving sugar after eating a few tablespoons of nut butter or some other healthy fat, take a walk or meditate. By changing the environment or routine, you can often shift away from the unhealthy craving.

In addition to this expert advice, I’d encourage you to take it easy and have patience. We’re human and creatures of habit. Our body is used to a routine, and drastic changes will just lead you to desperation. Start by eliminating the super unhealthy things. Skip the sugary drinks, including diet soda, switch to whole wheat carbs instead of eating white bread or try drinking more water! Slowly you can make the shift of really understanding if what you are consuming will actually benefit your body.

- Small changes can make a big difference! -

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