Colder months are approaching ~ How to strengthen your immune system before winter.

I cannot believe the summer is gone! And with that, our shorts and light dresses. Time for pumpkin everything, cider doughnuts, and apple picking! But before you call up your besties and set up a girl's trip to some cozy cabin, make sure you are strengthening your immune system.

What is your immune system?

Your immune system is your most vital defense line for colds, flues, and other illnesses. If you inhale a cold virus through your nose, your immune system works to stop it and kill it, or if you get infected, it helps you recover. It protects you from outside invaders, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins.

It is not only one organ or one cell is a combination of:

Your tonsils

Your digestive system

Your bone marrow

Your skin

Your lymph nodes

Your spleen

Thin skin on the inside of your nose, throat, and genitals

All of these work on keeping you healthy!

So, how can you strengthen your immune system?

Well, I'm about to blow your mind. No supplement or food will automatically boost your immune system. In reality, if you think it through, a single pill or food will not impact every single organ and cell that composes your immune system. Af even if it did, imagine what would happen. Your immune system would be "overactive," which could lead to adverse outcomes like autoimmune diseases, which are basically your immune system fighting itself.

So that is the sad truth: No supplement or food can actually "boost" your immune response.

But don't worry! Here are some real things that you can do

to make sure your body is healthy and strong!

  • Stay warm. I know you want to keep rocking those skirts even during fall. But cold weather can dry out the inside of your nose and leaves you more vulnerable to infection.

  • Chillax. High-stress levels may impact your immune system! Chronic stress is literally your body's worse enemy. Try to stay calm, practice diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, and gratefulness!

  • No smoking here. Your lungs need to be healthy; smoking is not good for you!

  • Break a sweat at least three times a week. Exercise will not help you "sweat out" any infections. But it will help your body stay healthy, which then helps your immune system to function correctly!

  • Eat a balanced diet. You need all your macros and fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics. Your body needs a varied and balanced diet to perform at its best. Imagine a car with cheap gas; you will not get the same speed!

  • Get enough sunlight. Vitamin D is needed to keep your immune system strong. Try to get at least 30 minutes a few times a week of sunlight exposure.

  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol hurts your immune system. That is a fact. A few wine glasses here and there are fine, but make sure you are not overdoing it!

  • Clean your hands. I think that by now, must of us know why washing your hands is so important! Don't touch your face or eyes with dirty hands. Pro tip: also, disinfect your phone and headphones regularly!

  • Drink your water. Staying hydrated promotes healthy liver and kidney function. It also aids digestion and prevents you from dehydration. Water up!

  • Be preventative. If you would like to take vitamin C or have echinacea tea (both great to support your immune response) make sure you take them from now, don't wait for winter to start or to feel ill. These don't boost your immune system, but they do help your body staying strong.

The key to a healthy body is to maintain a balanced life.

If you want to get started on balancing your life, you can join me on my next 28 Day Rebalance Program! designed to give you the tools you need to be healthier, happier, and build a strong immune system to stay strong during this winter season.




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