How to measure your own cervix? ~ Menstrual Cup review + How to find the right menstrual cup for you

Thinking about buying a menstrual cup but you are not

sure how to find the perfect size for you?

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Here is a simple guide with all you need to know before

buying your first menstrual cup!

What is your cervix?

Your cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue that connects your vagina and uterus. It is right before your uterus starts and is mainly made of muscle. The cervix is what allows your menstrual flow to go from your uterus into the vagina.

To find your cervix, simply follow these steps:

1. Relax! This is an exploration of your own body, and you should not feel ashamed or tense! this is literally like grabbing your own hair, picking your nose, or touching your own hands! (Come on, don't lie, you know you choose your own nose when no one is watching!)

2. Wash your hands VERY WELL, including underneath your fingernails. Be careful if you have long nails; it's better to cut them before this or just be super careful not to scratch anything up there!

3. Lay on your back, squat, or put one leg on the toilet. Imagine you are inserting a tampon.

4. Go in with your longest finger into your vagina and pay attention to how far in it goes. You will feel a soft roof past, which you can not push. You should be able to find your cervix anywhere from 3-6 inches inside the vaginal opening.

5. If you can insert your finger and not find that "roof," you have a high cervix. If you can insert only half or a bit more, you have a lower cervix.

Keep in mind that your cervix moves up and down depending where you are on your cycle. So if you are testing for this, make sure you are on your close to your menstrual phase or on your period to get an accurate measure.

Why does my cervix's height matter when looking for the perfect menstrual cup?

Most of the cups out there are designed to sit in your vaginal canal🌸 Depending on how high your cervix sits, you will know if you need a shorter or a longer cup to fit perfectly inside your vag. So if you have a high cervix, try a longer cup. If you have a low cervix, then opt for shorter cups.

How to pick the right menstrual cup size?

Usually, when brands offer you a different size, they are talking about diameter. If you are a mommy or over 30 years old, your pelvic floor is usually more "relaxed," so probably a larger cup would work better for you. If you are under 30 and have never had kids or had did not have a natural birth, you should be okay with a medium size. I would definitely go with the Diva Cup size 2.

When I was looking for brands for my menstrual cup review video I always went for medium-sized cups because I have a heavier flow, especially during my first two days. I need to empty my cup every 4-6 hours to make sure nothing leaks over there!

If you have a moderate flow and around 16, 17, 18, opt for a smaller cup like the Diva Cup size 0, Saalt size small, or Lena Size 1. If you are 19 and up with a moderate flow like me, try Diva Cup size 1.

To make a better decision I made a review video on three of the most popular brands Lena, Diva Cup, and Saalt and I have to say, my top choice was the Diva Cup. The Lena cup is perfect if you have a moderate/low flow. The Saalt is great if you are a mom or over 30 years old. But the fit and the sitting on my vag were just perfect with the Diva Cup! (BTW I purchased all cups with my own money! I'm no bias, and that will never be my jam when I review ANY product you see anywhere on Ask Fercci)

In summary...

The Diva cup is perfect for you is you have a moderate period and you are between 20-35 years old. My good friend and my older sister are both moms, around 35 years old

and they both use, like me (no kiddos yet only a cactus pet), the Diva Cup size 1.

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