How do I start my weight loss journey? - Why fad diets don't work.

We have all been there... we get motivated to lose some weight, so we jump into the trendiest diet everyone is talking about. You hear so many success stories that you say, this time it will work!

All this great energy you feel is your driving force to stick to your new diet plan. Everything goes great for a month or two until you realize that you can't follow your new strict diet plan all the time. This is one of the main reasons fad diets like the ketogenic diet or low-carb diet, or the intermittent fasting do not work.

Fad diets are restrictive diets that usually require you to remove one or various food groups from your diet or restrict the number of calories you eat at a specific time. While the "secret" to weight loss is eating fewer calories than the ones you burn, fad diets make it very hard to follow them for the rest of your life and not fall into a nutrient deficiency. This restriction midset will deprive you from eating the foods you like, at the times you like it. Imagine the coming holiday season, with so many gatherings and parties it's so hard to say no to party food. This is a total set-up for failure.

Your body and hormones, especially if you are a lady, need all three macronutrients to function correctly. These are fats, carbs, and protein. Besides those, you need to make sure you eat a diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fiber, healthy grains, pro, and pre-biotics. But how do you get to that if you don't enjoy the taste of broccoli?

Balancing your blood sugar levels.

Your sugar levels dictate your cravings, your mood and your hunger levels. In one hand, if you have too much glucose (sugar) on your bloodstream (Hyperglycemia), your blood vessels could deteriorate, like this impeding their proper functioning of delivering blood to all your organs, this could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems. You would also crave more sugar because your body starts developing insuline resistance AKA your body is not able to understand how many carbs (sugars) you eat and when should you stop eating them. This could create fatigue, increased hunger, tingling sensations on your hands or feet and other symptoms.

On the other hand, if you have too little blood sugar in your blood (hypoglycemia), you could start feeling shaky, anxious, chills, irritable, dizzy, and experience an elevated heart rate. Living with imbalanced blood sugar levels can create a chain of adverse reactions inside your body. It can trigger hormonal imbalances, it could lower your metabolism, and it could eventually lead to chronic disease.

Carbs are the primary source fo energy of your body, followed by fats, and then if you want to push it, it could create energy by eating away your own muscle mass (protein - not something you should strive for). Fad diets usually limit one of the two energy sources, like carbs or fats. When you jump around from diet to diet, you are not allowing for your body to find a balance from restriction to binging. Thus, your sugar levels go wild, your hormones suffer, and you feel that you cannot control your urge to eat that sweet chocolate cake or that pizza = unhappy you feeling that you failed.

So what to do instead?

Ditch fad diets. Detox, intermittent, keto, low-carb... you name it. If it's restrictive, it's a fad diet. Instead, work on balancing your blood sugar levels. If you do this, your hormones will pay you back in return by giving you the right amount of energy you need and will help you decrease those crazy food cravings you get.

How do I do that!?

To lower your blood sugar, you must start creating healthier habits around what you eat. I know this sounds easier said than done, but I actually created a straightforward guide to help you manage your blood sugar. Become a member FOR FREE and get access to it now!




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