Cortisol Hack

Cortisol is your primary stress hormone. Although stress is part of our everyday life and natural response of our body, it could become a real problem for your health when you leave it unmanaged.


Some of the sings of high levels of stress and cortisol are:




Hair loss


Chest Pain




Weight gain

Low energy

Loss of libido

Food cravings
Irregular periods

High blood pressure

Poor digestive health


Not only can stress make you feel tired, not motivated, and overwhelmed, but it can also trigger a hormonal imbalance. Unmanaged stress can also lead to more adverse health outcomes, like developing chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


Learn the things you should know to

get your cortisol levels back to balance with the Cortisol Hack Program.

This program is for you to:

Learn about your stress hormones 

Decrease anxiety

Improve your sleep

Increase your energy

Reduce bloating

Address stress holistically

You get:

  • Video #1: Cortisol Hack. What cortisol is, how does it impact your health and hormones and why do we stress?

  • Video #2: Chronic Stress Vs. Everyday Stress. Understand to differentiate stress from chronic stress and everyday stressors. Internal and external.

  • Video #3: The best healthy habits (besides nutrition and exercise) for decreasing cortisol naturally.

  • Video # 4: The top 3 healthy habits that are stressing you out even more! Learn what they are and what to do instead.

  • Video #5: Foods for helping you thrive + unhealthy coping mechanisms. Learn what foods you should be including in your diet plus the worse habits you should always avoid if you want to start feeling better.

  • BONUS: Cortisol Hack Workbook, a pocket version for your phone of the entire program plus an Emergency Guide for stressful situations and a fun game to play when you are under stress!


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