28 Day Rebalance

Next group starts on November 2020

Your health and wellbeing are based on three fundamental areas:

Nutrition, physical activity, and mental wellbeing.


We live in such a hectic environment where we are expected to be and feel the same way every day. Life demands and different stressors can get overwhelming and cause our fundamental areas to get out of balance.


Real health is never about only eating healthy or only exercising. Health is achieved when we tune in with our bodies. We must practice a holistic approach around the three fundamental areas to prevent disease, maintain hormonal balance, and live happier lives.

In this program, you will learn all the tools you need to balance your hormones, reconnect with your cycle, and regain your energy and female power.

This program is for you to:

Learn to balance your hormones

Decrease stress and anxiety

Detox your pantry and life

Learn about your menstrual cycle

Improve PMS and PMDD

Heal acne-prone skin

Regulate your period

Increase your energy and happiness

Improve your nutrition

Improve your sleep

You get:

  • Seed Cycling and Cycle Syncing weekly workshop.

  • Nutrition 101 guide (Reading labels, eating healthy on a budget, detox your pantry, and more.)

  • Mental Wellbeing guide (Stress management, anxiety relief, how to be more optimistic, developing self-love, and more.)

  • 8 workout videos based on your menstrual phase.

  • 28 daily audible mini-guides that help you develop new healthy habits and stay motivated.

  • Nutrition Seminar.

  • Mental Wellbeing Seminar.

  • Exclusive access to the Balanced Group Chat to ask questions, connect with other women going through the same, share your progress, and stay accountable.

$ 200

Ready to rebalance?


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